History of the center

Brief historical review

Under protection of the General Law and Education of 1,970 educative centers of capital importance are created in Andalusia numerous educative happening of the moment. The beginning of the General Education Básica, obligatory of six to 14 years, supposed an important advance in the educative process within the school. It entailed a greater preparation of the teaching staff and an organizational structure by specialties. In this reformist climate the school begins its walking “ Agustín Rodriguez ”.

It is born with local vocation gathering pupils of diverse countryside that were transported until the school. This situation was in a complementary service of dining room that continue worked regularly and without interruption necessary to the present time.

From the beginning already the number of alumnos/as was lifted that took care of. Its original structure contemplated 16 classrooms of E.G.B., three laboratories one of them of pretechnology, an ample library with photographic laboratory and outer service of centralized public address system, room of resources and audio-visual means classroom, cooks dining room, gymnasium, warehouse, administrative zone, and great spaces for putting common or compatible collective activities between groups, as well as house of doorman.

The space necessity, did necessary to qualify like classroom the laboratories, library, audio-visual classrooms of resources and means, warehouse, etc, and to construct others.

The first acts of evaluation correspond to course 1972-73 and we entered, according to these, 570 a scholastic population of alumnos/as of E.G.B., getting to take care of up to 856 niños/as in other occasions (including Pre-school E.).

With the arrival of the L.O. G.S.E., the second stage of E.G.B happens to denominate first cycle of the E.S. Or. remaining in the school until the construction of the new I.E.S “ Professor Andres Bojollo ” in course 2000-01. The five released dependencies, happened to be occupied by five groups of Infantile E. thus completing three educative lines of 3 to 12 years of Infantile and Primary E.

At the moment we are an educative center in which all the spaces mentioned, qualified, and constructed others, totally are occupied. In course 2,008-09 the structure is of 9 units of Infantile E., four of them in the parvulario, 18 of Primary E., Classroom of Therapeutic Pedagogy, Classroom of Hearing and Language Specific Classroom of Support to Integration, Classroom of Music and Classroom of Computer science. The present ratio is of 1/25 that is exceeded in 6º of Primary E.

As it is possible to be seen in the act of the 21 of November of 1972 , date to which the cloister of professors meets for the first time to determine the name of the new school, the first course (initiated with a little delay) of the Agustín School the Rodriguez was the 72 - 73 and his first director would be D. Jose Second Jiménez Rodriguez until his retirement in course 1995-96.

From course 1996-97 D. Rafael Vélez Holy happens in the direction of the center, being the present director of the CEIP “ to him Agustín Rodriguez ” from that one date.

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