The School

Where we are?

The center is located in the quarter of the old football ground Nazarene Jesus. The zone is characterized for being the one of greater population increase and city-planning expansion of Genil Bridge during the last decades. One is therefore a young population, causing that the pressure of the demand of scholastic positions rises very over the supply. It is reason why the practical totality of the classes is to the limit of the ratio of 25 students/classroom, arriving itself to surpass sometimes as it happens during the present course with the three lines of 6º of Primary that have 28 students each.

When being a modern district, the single-family houses and the blocks of V.P.O floors predominate.

The access door to the school, relatively easy, is in the street Baldomero Jiménez.

The educative supply of the district completes with the I.E.S Professor Andres Bojollo.

Other institutions of social character are the day-care center “ Divine Providence ”, the residence of 3ª age “ Immaculate Conception ” and the center of welcome of “ the Red Cross ”.

The sport facilities of the zone are reduced to a swimming pool covered with new creation. Also it exists two parks near the school

The small commerce abounds (pharmacy, bakery, cafeteria, bookstore, frutería, etc), which foments the social relations between the neighbourhood.

C.E.I.P “Agustín Rodríguez”

C/ Baldomero Jiménez s/n
C.P 14500 Puente Genil (Córdoba)
Teléfono y Fax: 957 618 573
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