Of what it consists?

It must like AIM reinforce the European dimension through our educative project in the scholastic scope, promoting the cooperation between European scholastic centers.

We work the customs, traditions, gastronomy and the way of life of each country, doing special emphasis in knowing the culture other countries and presenting the wealth and own identity our region


Participant centers

“ All the Ways lead to Europe ”, is the name of the project, in which during 2 years (2008-2010) we will develop to joint activities between pupils and teaching staff of the following European scholastic centers:

· CEIP “ Agustín Rodriguez ” (Genil Bridge) – SPAIN (Coordinating Center of the Project)

· Saint Paul 's Catholic School (Leicester) – the United Kingdom

· Szkola Podstawowa imienia Henryka Sienkiewicza (Promnik) – POLAND



The primary targets on which the project is structured are the following:

1º Profundizar in the knowledge of other cultures.

2º Acercar the concept of what it is Europe to the pupils.

3º Mejorar the communicative competition in English through real situations.

4º Usar the New Technologies to make contact with the enemy and like resource to look for information in the Web.

5º Intercambiar projects and materials where the own identity of each country is reflected.

6º Conocer the cultural changes each country throughout the time.



The activities that will be developed to length of course 2008-09 are the following:

  To contact with the students of the other participant schools through e-mails.

  Location of a Comenius Corner in the school.

  Creation of a space for the Comenius Project in the Web of the center.

  Elaboration of works related to the festivals and events of every trimester (Day of All the Saints, Christmas, Easter, Day of Europe, Very small Easter “ ”), typical recipe books of meals, important personages and monuments characteristic of each country.

  Shipment of the material made through postal mail and also by electronic mail.

  Reception of works of Poland and Great Britain and valuation in the classroom of the received materials.

  Mobilities to the respective participant countries with the purpose of to know first hand its educative system and the surroundings of the center.

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